SHE-Q Policy

Deep Offshore recognises that effective management of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHE-Q) is an integral part of the company’s business objectives.

Establishing a safe place of work, implementation of healthy working conditions, protection of the environment, and provision of high quality services to clients are the key commitments that contribute directly to the overall success of Deep Offshore.

Each employee of Deep Offshore acknowledges that SHE-Q awareness is not limited to a set of rules. It is a personal responsibility and a state of mind that enables constant refinement of the adopted SHE-Q management system, utilising common sense, sound judgement, and accurate training.

Deep Offshore operates and maintains a SHE-Q management system in compliance with international standards to achieve the company’s SHE-Q objectives with a focus on effective execution and continual improvement.

Deep Offshore is committed to the following SHE-Q principles:

  • Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations
  • Provision of a safe, healthy, and environment-friendly system of work for employees, clients, and subcontractors
  • Prevention of accidents, injuries, health hazards, and environmental damage with an aim of zero incidents
  • Provision of high quality services to clients in an efficient and safe manner to meet their expectations
  • Setting targets, monitoring performance of processes via periodic audits, and implementing corrective actions in order to ensure continual improvement of the SHE-Q management system
  • Motivation and training of employees in the needs and responsibilities of SHE-Q management
  • Communication of SHE-Q objectives throughout the company and promotion of the principles of this policy to clients and subcontractors